Iceland’s Ultimate Spring Break Experiences

Shoulder Season | Spring Celebrations | Daylight Hours

From shoulder-season travel deals and fewer crowds, to hot-spring hangover cures and the Northern Lights, there are a million reasons to Spring Break in Iceland.

Northern Lights Hot Tubs at Sea!

Photo: North Sailing

Sail from Reykjavik in total silence: powered by wind & electricity

Modern electric-hybrid technology meets traditional schooner sailing on a new Northern Lights evening tour offered from Old Reykjavik Harbor by North Sailing. Enjoy a silent-running, eco-friendly cruise aboard the award-winning electric sailboat Opal:

  • Relax with a beer in the on-deck hot tub
  • Hoist the sails with the crew
  • Warm up by the fireplace below deck
  • See the Imagine Peace Tower lit up
  • Experience the Northern Lights at sea

ALL ABOARD while the season lasts! Opal’s last sail embarks April 14th. From $109 per person.

Geothermal Wellness Wonder

Photo: Krauma Nature Baths

Sweat out Spring Break toxins & take in greenhouse greens

Spring Break is that time of year when libatious celebrations abound and it’s easy to find yourself over-served. Krauma Nature Baths, located atop Europe’s most powerful hot spring, offers the ultimate cure:

  • Five recuperative geothermal pools
  • Cold tub to get the blood circulating
  • Two soothing saunas
  • Relaxation lounge with fireplace

Follow up your spa-soak with a healthy yet decadent meal at the organic restaurant serving fruits and veggies grown in their geothermal greenhouse. Krauma is located off-the-beaten-path in West Iceland, 90 minutes from Reykjavik. Wellness visit from $31 per person.

A Taste of Spring

Photo: Stedji Brugghus

Stay in a Beer Bungalow for a taste of Easter Brew

A highly anticipated annual Icelandic spring tradition is Páskabjór aka “Easter Beer,” often flavored with a hint of chocolate. Steðji Brugghús, a micro-brewery in West Iceland, has a tasting room where guests can sip on beer brewed with water from a nearby crystal spring.

Beer lovers and Spring Breakers can opt to stay in the new Beer Bungalows next door, fashioned from wooden brewery barrels. Located 80 minutes from Reykjavik in West Iceland, Steðji Tasting Room is open Mon-Sat.

Spring Shoulder Season

When winter snow begins to melt away, spring arrives in Iceland with a rebirth of nature and a wealth of travel deals for savvy travelers. Peak season for travel to Iceland is summertime, so visit during the spring shoulder season to score a travel deal before the summer tourists arrive. March, April and May represent spring shoulder season which is typically 30-35% less expensive than summer.

“Normal” Daylight Hours

After the long nights of winter and before the perpetual daylight of summer, there is a short window in spring when Iceland experiences “normal” daylight hours. What does this mean for travelers? Longer daylight hours means more time for adventure activities, driving and discovery… plus more flexibility in travel planning and room for spontaneous exploration.

Springtime Celebrations in Iceland

  • Reykjavik Food & Fun Festival: March 4-8
  • Vernal Equinox: March 19th
  • Design March Reykjavik: March 25-29
  • Easter Weekend: April 10-13
  • Arrival of the Puffins: Mid-April
  • First Day of Summer: April 16th

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