Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketingIceland Cool leverages Influencer Marketing to position your brand as an industry thought leader.

According to a recent Nielsen report, content from influencers in any industry can lift a brand’s familiarity 88% more than content directly from the brand itself.

What is an influencer?

Three percent of people generate ninety percent of the impact online. Many assume an influencer is someone with 50,000 Twitter followers. Although a strong social presence is typical of Influencers (otherwise who are they influencing?), but the definition also includes industry practitioners, experts, analysts, and members of the media.

Connect with influencers in your industry in a meaningful way. How? Offer insight regularly without being asked and without trying to sell. Have conversations and nurture those relationships by interacting regularly.

Influencer marketing is a two way street. If you drive traffic to the influencers, it’s not only benefitting your brand but the influencer as well.

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