Mobile Marketing

(Photo: Michael John Kent Facebook)
(Photo: Michael John Kent Facebook)

Go Mobile or Go Home.

Mobile Marketing is here to stay. Customers are using mobile and demanding it through their behaviors. Businesses are responding with mobile friendly websites, marketing content, promotions and apps.

Because Google Said So

On April 21, 2015 Google implemented a new mobile-specific algorithm that makes the most mobile-friendly webpages rank higher in search engine results for specific keywords. Bottom line: you have a better chance of engaging with users and increasing conversions through calls-to-action by optimizing content primarily for mobile users.

Travelers Depend on Smartphones

It is no secret that we all use mobile phones as part of our daily lives. But increasingly this includes travelers researching and buying tourism products and services.

Smartphones are used at every stage in the travel process:  from initial inspiration and research, to purchases and bookings, and during the travel experience as well as following the trip.

Your Travel Industry Mobile Marketing Action Plan

Creating a successful mobile marketing strategy provides a great service to your mobile customers and adds to the success of your business. Despite the recent hype, many tourism professionals are not sure what role mobile marketing will play in their strategies.

There are a number of very simple changes you can make to integrate mobile considerations into your overall marketing strategies including:

  • Mobile “responsive” websites and blogs – A responsive website design reacts to the user’s device screen size, whether that is a smart phone, tablet or PC. If you don’t have a responsive website design, it’s time for an upgrade. After all, a traveler’s first trip is often online.
  • Optimize marketing content for mobiles – Mobile friendly e-marketing content such as your monthly newsletters should be optimized for mobile users including large fonts, properly sized buttons and forms easy to fill out on mobile. The use of mobile has shortened our attentions spans – think shorter headlines and “lead ins” that “pop.”
  • Include mobile video – There is huge value in using video to tell a brand’s story, and travel stories in particular. Featuring video on your website, newsletters and social media apps will keep your users entertained and engaged. The success of GoPro in tapping into mobile video has been a huge success in creating a global brand fast!
  • Integrate social follow on mobile – Make it easy to follow your social networks on mobile. Building distribution for your content means social media following buttons that are not just designed for the web but for mobile devices.

Don’t’ Worry Be Appy

Don’t have an app? Not to worry. When the app trend hit companies all over the globe spent big budgets building apps that today are obsolete or uninteresting.

Marketers who don’t have an app at this point have a pretty unique advantage. You can actually get ahead of the competition by leveraging emerging technologies, location and context to provide unique and valuable utilities to your customers.

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