Forbes: Husafell Iceland’s Hidden Gem

Iceland Cool organizes a media visit with Forbes Magazine resulting in two luxury travel articles featuring Iceland’s top suppliers including eco-friendly Hotel Husafell and Into the Glacier in West Iceland. The articles combat recent negative press by celebrating the positive aspects of visiting Reykjavik and hidden gems like Husafell in uncrowded western Iceland. 


The Hidden Gem of Iceland: Husafell

“A 90-minute drive leads to Husafell, a small, isolated community of permanent and holiday homes, right at the edge of the country’s uninhabited interior. This is where Icelanders escape city life and tourist throngs in Reykjavik. There are some savvy foreign visitors these days, but it generally feels like a hidden secret.” – Forbes Magazine, September 25, 2017


8 Reasons to Love Reykjavik Right Now

“Admit it: You want to go to Iceland. Your friends have probably just been, and there’s a reason the country is having a major moment right now. It’s not just the Northern Lit lunar landscape of ice and volcanoes of the wilderness but also the cosmopolitan yet quirky city of Reykjavik…” – Forbes Magazine, August 21, 2017