Forbes Top 10 Travel: Into the Glacier

Forbes Magazine ranks client Into the Glacier as one of the ten best adventures that change you!

Forbes: 10 Best Adventures

Writer Ann Abel recounts her 10 best travel adventures including Iceland’s top rated Into the Glacier experience:

Trekking into a glacier in Iceland
Husafell in western Iceland is a playground of hiking and biking routes, lava caves, glaciers and waterfalls. The most memorable is an excursion with Into the Glacier. Suited up in a full-body Arctic snowsuit and motorcycle helmet, I clambered into a monster truck (more like a tank out of the original Star Wars) to ride onto the Langjokull Glacier, the second largest in Europe. There I mounted a snowmobile for the rest of the journey, squealing the whole time and clinging to my friend who was driving, to the mouth of a 1,640-foot-long manmade ice tunnel. Inside, the glacier has an ethereal beauty, a rainbow of blues and whites, ice stalagmites and stalactites, and the occasional pool of water—a place for the guide to explain how in the not that far-off future, none of this will exist.