Landsvirkjun National Power Company

Landsvirkjun National Energy Company of Iceland: a new submarine power cable from Iceland could supply Europe with clean, renewable energy.

Iceland Cool had the privilege of announcing a major development by Landsvirkjun in the renewable energy sector. A new Submarine Power Cable from Iceland could supply Europe with clean, renewable energy.

Landsvirkjun is Iceland’s National Power Company and the largest producer of renewable energy generated from hydro-electric and geothermal power sources. The company is 100% owned by the Icelandic State and has been in operation for over 45 years.

Iceland currently holds a unique position among European nations in its potential to increase reliable electric energy production from renewable energy resources. Landsvirkjun has proposed a submarine cable to Europe across the North Atlantic seabed in order to increase energy production to continental Europe.

In addition to the Submarine Power Cable, Landsvirkjun announced that a working group will be appointed to research the potential impact on social, environmental, legal, and technical factors of laying a submarine cable between Iceland and the British Isles and or mainland Europe.

Iceland Cool continued the working relationship with Landsvirkjun on several press releases, their annual report and website content.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: Executive Vice President
“We’ve been very pleased with Iceland Cool’s copywriting and editing services that we used for a variety of projects including our annual report, Landsvirkjun’s corporate website, and press releases on renewable energy developments. Sif is a conscientious editor who worked with us not only to refine text and ensure consistency, but also improving the language to strengthen messaging and tell a clear story to our audience. The team at Iceland Cool are constructive collaborators delivering high-quality work under tight deadlines.”Magnus Bjarnason, Executive Vice President of Landsvirkjun.

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