Climate Change Education

Iceland Cool and Into the Glacier team up on social media to educate travelers on the effects of climate change and safeguard the future of Iceland’s glaciers.

Into the Glacier – West Iceland

Iceland Cool is proud to announce collaboration with our newest client, Into the Glacier. Into the Glacier is a man-made ice tunnel carved deep into Langjokull, Iceland’s second largest glacier. Visitors travel by a Glacier Monster Truck up to the mouth of the tunnel, and then spend an hour’s guided visit in the ice caves and learning about how Iceland’s glaciers were formed.

Safeguarding Iceland’s Glaciers

Glaciers put the “ice” in Iceland, but unfortunately due to climate change Iceland’s glaciers are receding at an alarming rate. In fact, the man made ice-tunnel of Into the Glacier carved into Langjokull only has a life expectancy of another 5-10 years. While Into the Glacier is in operation, the innovative travel attraction uses its time to educate visitors  on the plight of Iceland’s glaciers due to the effects of global warming. All guides who meet with travelers are trained from a manual created by Iceland’s top glacier experts.

Educating on Social

Iceland Cool is teaming up with Into the Glacier on their Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to help spread the word about Iceland’s glaciers and Into the Glacier’s sustainable travel efforts in West Iceland.