Euro-Pop NYC Event with T+L

Travel + Leisure Magazine Euro-Pop event in NYC with Visit Belgium.

Iceland Cool USA innovates new Brussels vs. Liege travel concept and product when tasked by Visit Belgium to create a promotion to generate buzz at T+L’s EuroPop #foodie event.

TRAVEL + LEISURE Magazine presents EUROPOP, a one-night-only consumer event in NYC featuring authentic food and entertainment from more than 20 destinations.

Brussels vs Liege: A Rivalry Worth Exploring

THE BRIEF: Creating a promotion to generate Belgium buzz at T+L’s EuroPop #foodie event.

THE BIG IDEA: Iceland Cool took it to the next level by creating a palatable parallel between two Belgian cities and their famous waffles. Belgium’s two favorite waffle types are the Brussels waffle and the Liege waffle. We introduced a new revenue stream and duo-city travel concept, targeting US Tour Operators attending the event.

This B2B concept included a new brochure to pitch the Brussels vs Liege concept to B2B partners and introduce the new fast train connecting Brussels and Liege – making such a tarvel product possible.

The brochure highlighted the mouthwatering merits of two different varieties of the iconic Belgian waffle and the iconic travel sites in each city.

RESULTS: Big time buzz at the event and new Brussels and Liege duo-city travel products by top US Tour Operators.