Hidden Luxury at Husafell Canyon Baths

Escape to winter wellness and luxurious seclusion in unexplored landscapes at new Husafell Canyon Baths in the Icelandic highlands. Iceland Cool is proud to present Husafell Canyon Baths where authentic spa wellness meets off-season travel in off-the-beaten-path nature.



For over a thousand years Icelanders have visited the healing hot springs in West Iceland for relaxation and geothermal rejuvenation. Today visitors have a new hot spring hot-spot to relax and recharge the traditional Icelandic way. Introducing Husafell Canyon Baths: Iceland’s most authentic hot spring experience located in remote and spectacular nature less than two hours from Reykjavik in West Iceland.

Sustainably built in the traditional stone-bath style, soaking options include three geothermal pools 30-41°C (86-105°F) and an icy glacial stream 10°C (50°F) for those who dare. The remote nature baths are accessed on a new day-tour offered from Husafell which includes a short hike through unexplored landscapes with exotic sites like Iceland’s now extinct Okjokull glacier and Langifoss, a waterfall not found in any guidebooks or geo-tagged on Instagram.

Open year round, Husafell Canyon Baths appeal to wellness visitors and nature lovers seeking a refreshing Icelandic spa experience in a spectacular, off-the-grid landscape. Husafell Canyon Baths is part of the greater Husafell recreational area in West Iceland which includes 25,000 acres of nature reserve, 10 marked hiking trails, geothermal swimming pools, a 9-hole GEO certified golf course, the world’s largest lava cave and ice cave adventures on Langjokull glacier.
For reservations and more information please email [email protected] or visit www.husafellcanyonbaths.com.