Ísbíltúr: Ice-Cream Road Tripping

Iceland Cool’s CEO Sif Gustavsson dishes the scoop on Iceland’s Ísbiltur foodie trend in the pages of Smithsonian Magazine and Travel +Leisure.

Smithsonian Magazine – “In Iceland, There’s a Word for an Ice Cream Road Trip. Here’s Where to Ísbíltúr This Winter”

How do you ísbíltúr like a pro? We asked Icelandic experts for their best ice cream road trip advice:

“We have a word in Icelandic, bíltúr, which describes the act of jumping in your car and going for a ride,” Sif Gustavsson, CEO of Iceland Cool Media, explained. “When the drive ends with an ice cream reward, we call it an ísbíltúr.” Gustavsson says that with ísbíltúr the “destination is less important than the journey itself,” meaning Icelanders may drive to a nearby dairy farm or venture to a favorite ísbúð — or ice cream shop — during an ísbíltúr excursion.

Ice cream can be procured and eaten on site or consumed in the car while driving for pleasure or back home.

While going out for ice cream may be strictly a warm weather activity in America, Icelanders go for an ísbíltúr all year round.