The Highland Road Less Traveled

Introducing Iceland’s first daytour designed to divert travelers from the popular Golden Circle to the unexplored highlands near Langjokull Glacier. Iceland Cool is proud to present a new travel product from partner Into the Glacier that is rooted in sustainable tourism and responsible travel.



Offered for the first time in Iceland, visitors can now explore the ice caves on Langjokull glacier as well as rarely seen landscapes of the interior highlands on a new day-tour, ‘Through the Rugged Highlands’, offered by Into the Glacier. Traveling in a street-legal glacier truck, guests are transported from historic Thingvellir National Park through the rugged highlands along Kaldidalur (Cold Valley), an ancient mountain road in use since Viking times.

Into the Glacier, home of the famous ice tunnel on Langjokull glacier, adds a new guided day-tour to their summer portfolio: Into the Glacier Through The Rugged Highlands. This brand new 5-hour day-tour introduces summer travelers to the barren landscapes of Kaldidalur (Cold Valley), an area of the Icelandic highlands visited by less than 1% of travelers to Iceland.

Starting at historic Thingvellir National Park, guests are transported across Kaldidalur in a specially modified glacier truck into the remote Icelandic highlands for an ice cave adventure on Langjokull glacier.

The ancient highland track from Thingvellir across Kaldidalur mountain track reveals Iceland’s rarely visited glacial wilderness of barren landscapes devoid of life and extraordinary geological formations like the continental drift at Thingvellir where the Eurasion and North American tectonic plates meet.

En route to Klaki base camp on the glacier, expert guides educate guests on responsible highland travel and regale with folklore tales and Saga history tied to Kaldidalur Cold Valley Road, one of the oldest highland tracks in Iceland.


‘Through the Rugged Highlands’ escorted tour begins and ends at historic Thingvellir National Park, only 45 minutes from Reykjavik. It marks the first day-tour in Iceland offering departures directly from the popular Golden Circle tourist route.

The tour departs at 9:30 am and returns by 3:00 pm leaving plenty of time for guests to explore the remaining sites of Iceland’s Golden Circle on their own, long after the tourist crowds on coach tours have left the area.

This new travel concept innovated by Into the Glacier is made possible by recent infrastructure improvements to Iceland’s highland route network and the use of a new street-legal glacier truck specially modified to handle the tour’s wildly contrasting terrain of glacial ice, volcanic mud, and unpaved backroads.


To safely experience Iceland’s glacial highlands you need the right vehicle and the aid of an expert guide. On ‘Through the Rugged Highlands’ guests travel in ICE-7, a street-legal glacier truck specially modified to handle the tour’s wildly contrasting terrain of glacial ice, volcanic mud, gravel paths and paved roads.

ICE-7 features six monster-sized tires that can be instantly deflated and re-inflated to meet volatile ground conditions, and a military-grade GPS navigational system. With only 19 seats, ICE-7 is smaller than conventional glacier trucks which makes it more agile and street legal for use on public roads.


  • Experience the uninhabited highlands, Langjokull glacier and Thingvellir on a 5-hour tour
  • Travel in safety, comfort and style aboard a street-legal glacier truck with expert guide
  • Discover the unique geology and history of Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO)
  • Soak in the barren landscapes of Kaldidalur (Cold Valley), an area visited by less than 1% of travelers to Iceland
  • Hear folklore tales and saga stories born from this ancient highland road used by Vikings 1,000 years ago to cross the island from north to south
  • Explore the natural blue ice caves and world’s largest man-made ice tunnel located high upon Langjokull glacier
  • Get expert tips on highland travel safety and learn about the effect of climate change on Iceland’s fleeting glaciers

As with all of Into the Glacier’s tours, guests can help save Iceland’s glaciers by adding the carbon offsetting option to their booking.

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