World’s 1st Zero-Carbon Whale Watching

North Sailing Husavik takes eco-tourism to the next level with the world’s first zero carbon emission whale watching cruise. Iceland Cool is thrilled to partner with North Sailing Husavik to improve responsible eco-tourism in Iceland and around the world.


In an unassuming fishing village on the edge of the Arctic Circle in North Iceland, a small whale watching operator is braving the waves of innovation by offering zero carbon emission ocean sails with the introduction of Hybrid-Electric Technology for Marine Vessels.


North Sailing Husavik, an eco-friendly wildlife tour pioneer from North Iceland, introduces the world’s first whale watching cruise to run entirely on renewable energy instead of fossil fuel.

Departing from colorful Husavik harbor, North Sailing launches the maiden zero-carbon voyage of Opal, a wooden schooner ship refitted with a unique Regenerative Plug-in Hybrid Propulsion system (RPHP). The new technology is part of a cooperative initiative to improve the environmental footprint of boat operations as well as the passenger experience and impact on marine life.

The technological innovation has the potential to change the face of eco-tourism by operating whale watching excursions on carbon-free ships in remote Northern Iceland and preserving the nature for future generations.

The Regenerative Plug-in Hybrid Propulsion (RPHP) concept and application was developed using knowledge based on the electric automobile industry. By introducing RPHP to whale watching, North Sailing adds a new dimension to the way guests experience wildlife.

The slow-going, electric-driven propeller eliminates engine noise and allows passengers to more peacefully experience whales in their natural habitat while causing minimal disturbance to marine wildlife.

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